The North American Brass Band Association was established in 1983 by J. Perry Watson, based on the over one hundred and fifty year old brass band movement in England, one that has established itself in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan. In that same year, Watson also organized and hosted the first North American brass band competition held at North Carolina State University. Since that time, the brass band movement in North America has gone from strength to strength, and comprises both Salvation Army, amateur community and professional brass bands. There are presently nearly one hundred affiliated member bands and individual membership numbers nearly 2000 from Canada and the United States, bringing a whole new world of literature, performance, personalities, lore and history to enrich the musical life in North America.


  • To foster, promote and encourage the establishment, growth and development of amateur and professional British-style brass bands throughout the North America.
  • To support and help further the music education of its members
  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the British-style brass band
  • To serve as a resource for musical and organizational assistance to amateur British-style brass bands from across North America
  • To sponsor competitions and regional music festivals for the purpose of improving performing standards and abilities of member bands


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