EIBB Fall Subscription 2013 program coverLet me tell you folks, there is nothing like the experience of a live brass band concert. If you have never been or have not been to a live concert for a long time, it is time to treat yourself to an hour and a half of pure excitement and entertainment.

I know that you can listen to brass band music on your iPod, your car stereo, or on your home theater, but you will be missing the experience. At a live concert, you can watch each musician and see the effect that music has on them. You will become a part of the music in a way that cannot be experienced by listening on your iPod or listening while driving in the car. You can watch the music being made! At an Eastern Iowa Brass Band concert, you are up-close and personal with each of the musicians, the conductor, the announcer, and your fellow concert goers. I guarantee that you will have a shared-experience like no other. I haveheard a live concert described as a mènage-a-trois between the composer, the performer, and the listener. The composer leaves a coded message to the performer, who must then work out his own interpretation of the message. The audience must then take this interpretation and work out a response, which could affect subsequent compositions and performances.

The Eastern Iowa Brass Band performs brilliant, contemporary, heart-thumping, audience-friendly concerts that will enhance your life, give you goose bumps, and put a smile on your face. You will be ready to face the challenges of the upcoming week with renewed energy and enthusiasm. The cost of a fantastic live brass band concert is less than that of a movie and popcorn at a big theater, so what are you waiting for?

Bring your kids and treat them to a first-time experience of live music. It will be an event that they will never forget and may open their ears and hearts to a life-long love of live music. Hope to see you there!!

~Todd Bransky


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