EIBB_Coralville_smPlease join us as we close our 2013-2014 Subscription Series with a concert in the district auditorium at Mt. Vernon Middle School.  The concert begins at 7:30pm.

This concert will feature the winner of the EIBB’s 2014 “Young Artists Competition.”  This wonderfully talented young musician will perform his winning solo with the Eastern Iowa Brass Band.

Nathanael Schatz will perform a beautiful trumpet solo entitled, “Song and Dance” by Philip Sparke.  Nathanael’s gorgeous tone and lyric playing will shine on this single movement piece written by the (then) GUS Band in 1984. It was first performed by the band’s principal cornet, Brian Grant.  The Song commences with a ‘Scotch snap’ rhythm leading to a lyrical cadenza and ending with a return of the opening theme, muted.  The Dance is lively and full of cross rhythms, but tonal and tuneful. Although the work requires a certain virtuosity, it in not virtuosic for its own sake, but rather serves a consistent and well-constructed musical end.

The concert will open with a Philip Sparke arrangement of John William’s “Summon the Heroes.”   This piece was written to commemorate the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Modem Olympic Games and was first performed at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.  The band will show-off its technical ability with “Trittico” by James Curnow.  This piece was commissioned by the Swiss Brass Band Association for their national championships in 1988 and used as a test piece for all bands attending the competition.

Other pieced on this concert include, “The Thunderer”, “Nimrod”, “King Cotton”, “ABBA Goes Brass”, and “Men of Harlech.”
The concert will also feature the 10-piece ensemble (made up of EIBB members) that competed in the North American Brass Band Association Championships two weeks ago in Grand Rapids, MI.  The band’s “Big Ten Brass” was awarded second place in the 10-piece ensemble competition for their performance of Chick Corea’s, “Spain”
Bring your kids and treat them to a first-time experience of live music. It will be an event that they will never forget and may open their ears and hearts to a life-long love of live music. Hope to see you there!!

Nate Schatz

Nate Schatz – Winner of the EIBB’s 2014 Young Artists Competition


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