Meet the band

Music Director:
Alex Beamer

Eb Soprano Cornet:
Paul Waech

Bb Cornets:
Matt Hartmann
Aunna Marzen
Caitlin Berge
Steve Kenny
Jeff Fountain
Keri Speidel
Beth Villhauer
Karla Beckman
Anna Kelly
Mike Coleman
Cliff Somers
Brian Redington

Dan Davies

Eb Tenor Horn:
Amanda Stout
Peter Laird
Ray Colony
Bob Upmeyer

Todd Bransky
Lydia Raim

Melissa Karr
Dave Parsons

Tenor Trombone:
David Anderson
Noah Perkins
Paul McNally
Lee Tippe

Bass Trombone:
Paul Upmeyer
Matt Driscoll

Eb Tuba:
Bob Yeats
Chris Bird

Bb Tuba:
Bob Driggs
Steve Schomberg

Jennifer Boyens
Myka Forrest
Megan Cooney

Dave DeHoff

Becky Bunting

Eric Karr
Steve Stickney

Paul Waech plays Eb Soprao Cornet. Originally from and currently residing in Wilton, Iowa, Paul is currently working in the Administrative field and has been playing with EIBB since 1995. Paul is a graduate of Wilton High School and the University of Northern Iowa.

Matt Hartmann is a Solo Cornet hailing from Medford, NJ, now living in Davenport, IA.  Matt is a West Music band sales associate.  Playing with EIBB since 2016, he graduated from Shawnee High School (Medford, NJ) and has his B.A. from Rowan University and his M.M. from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Cailtlin Berge is a Solo Cornet player. Caitlin is from Solon, IA and currently lives in Iowa City, IA, where she is a dental hygene student.  An EIBB member since 2005, Caitlin graduated from Solon High School and the University of Iowa.

Steve Kenny plays Solo Cornet. Steve hails from Hopkinton, IA and lives in Anamosa, IA. Steve is an employ of Marion, Iowa, where he proudly serves as a waste management professional (garbage man).  An original member, Steve has been with EIBB since 1986. Steve graduated high school (Maquokera Valley) and also attended University of Northern Iowa.

Jeff Fountain is a Solo Cornet. Jeff’s hometown is Council Bluffs, IA and he now lives in North Liberty, IA. He is a band director, currently at Prairie Point Middle School.  Playing with EIBB since 2012, Jeff is a graduate of Lewis Central High School, the University of Northern Iowa and VanderCook College of Music.

Keri Speidel plays Repiano Cornet. Keri grew up in North Liberty, IA and now resides in Martelle, IA,  She is an art teacher at Lisbon, the head girls track & field coach for Lisbon, and a freelance artist.  Keri joined EIBB in 2003.  She graduated from Iowa City West High School and Cornell College.

Beth Villhauer plays Second Cornet and has been a member of EIBB since 1993.  She hails from and currently resides in Iowa City, IA. Beth is a Bid Coordinator at West Music in their National Sales Division.  She graduated from Iowa City High and Central College.

Karla Beckman plays Second Cornet, having been an EIBB member since 2003.  Karla’s hometown is Anamosa, IA and she now lives in Manchester, IA, where she is a K-6 instructional coach at West Delaware School District. Karla graduated from Anamosa High School and Wartburg College.

Anna Kelly recently joined EIBB in 2017 as a Second Cornet.  Anna lives in Marion, IA, where she is student at Linn Mar High School.

Mike Coleman plays 3rd Cornet. A native and current resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Mike is a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and is the IT Manager at the Duane Arnold Energy Center. Mike has played with EIBB since 2012. He graduated from Cedar Rapids Washington High School, the US Naval Academy, and the Naval Postgraduate School.

Dan Davies is the band’s Flugel Horn player and has been with EIBB since 1992.  A retired band director from Clear Creek Amana schools, Dan is originally from Mount Vernon, IA and lives in Amana, IA.

Amanda Stout plays Tenor Horn and joined EIBB in 2017. From Washington, IA and now living in Iowa City, IA, Amanda is a graphic designer.  She graduated from Mid-Prairie High School and the University of Iowa.

Peter Laird, a member since 2011, is currently playing Tenor Horn, hails from Bowling Green, OH, lives in Cedar Rapids, IA, and is a Systems Engineering manager at Rockwell (United Technologies). Peter graduated from Bowling Green High School, Purdue and Iowa State University.

Ray Colony plays Tenor Horn and has been with the band since 2000. From Iowa City, IA originally, Ray resides there and is an Iowa E-Business project manager. A graduate of Clear Creek Amana High School, Ray also graduated from the University of Iowa.

Bob Upmeyer plays Tenor Horn and is a member since 1986.  Originally from and now residing in Solon, IA, Bob is Assistant Director of Financial Aid at the University of Iowa. Bob graduated from Solon High School and the University of Iowa.

Melissa Karr has been with EIBB since 1988 and plays Baritone. Melissa is from Eagle Grove, IA and now calls Iowa City, IA her home.  She is a private music teacher and co-owner of George’s Buffet in Iowa City.  Melissa is a graduate of the University of Iowa.

Todd Bransky has played with EIBB since 1988 and plays Euphonium. From Wood Dale, IL originally, he now lives in Solon, IA.  Todd is a Systems Integration Specialist with The Gazette.  He graduated from Fenton High School (Bensenville, IL.) and  Luther College.

Lydia Raim plays Euphonium and joined EIBB in 2017.  From North Liberty, IA, she lives in Cedar Rapids, IA now and is the band director at Alburnett High School. Lydia graduated from Clear Creek Amana High School and the University of Northern Iowa.

David Anderson plays Tenor Trombone.  From Dunlap, IA and living in Cedar Rapids, IA, Dave has been with EIBB since 2015 and is the Vernon Middle School band director. His extensive education includes Boyer Valley High School,  Augustana, South Dakota and Michigan State.

Mike Lacy, a member of EIBB since 2013, plays Tenor Trombone. A native of Oklahoma City, OK, Mike lives in Mount Vernon, IA, where he is a Software development manager. His education background includes Moore High School (OK),  Towson State University,  Wayne State University, Michigan and University of Central OK.

Paul McNally plays Tenor Trombone. A member of EIBB since 1995, he is from Grinnell, IA and resides in Iowa City, IA.  Paul is a retired band director and graduated from Grinnell High School and the University of Iowa.

Lee Tippe is a Tenor Trombone player and has been with EIBB since 1987.  From Dubuque, IA, Lee lives i Iowa City, IA. He is a project engineer City of Cedar Rapids. Lee graduated from Dubuque Senior High School ad Iowa State University.

Matt Driscoll has a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Trombone Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Iowa, and is currently adjunct low brass instructor at Central College and Cornell College and also teaches part-time elementary band at Bennett Elementary.

Bob Yeats, a retired music professor, plays Tuba. Hailing from Scituate, MA, he now lives in Mount Vernon, IA.  Bob graduated from Scituate High School, Ithaca College, and the University of Iowa.

Chris Bird plays Tuba and has been with EIBB since 2012.  From Indiana, PA, Chris lives in Cedar Rapids, IA, working as a band director at Harding Middle School.

Bob Driggs plays Tuba, having been in EIBB since 2001.  Originally from Centerville, IA, he is now retired from Kirkwood and living in Mount Vernon, IA. Bob is a graduate of Centerville High Scool, Iowa State University and the University of Illinois.

Steve Schomberg, an EIBB member since 2012, plays Tuba.  He hails from Letts, IA, but now lives in Iowa City, IA. A retired university administrator, Steve is a graduate of Louisa-Muscatine High School, the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota.

Jenn Boynes has been a Percussionist in the band since 2014.  Hailing from and residing in Marion, IA, Jenn is the bookkeeper for All Saints Parish in Cedar Rapids. She graduated from Marion High School and Wartburg College.

Myka Forrest has been a Percussionist in EIBB since 2009.  She is from Albia, IA, living in Marion, IA.  Myka works for Grant Wood AEA as a web developer. She is a graduate of Albia High School and Cornell College.

Megan Cooney has played Percussion in EIBB since 2015. She is from Franklinville, NJ and lives in Davenport, IA, where she is Director of athletic bands for St.Ambrose.  Megan is a graduae of Chelsea Regional High School and Rowan University and the University of Massachusetts.

Becky Bunting handles the EIBB Merchandise during appearances and has been with EIBB since 1999.  She is from and resides in Lisbon.  She works at Systems Unlimited, Inc.

Dave DeHoff, the EIBB Announcer, has been with EIBB since 1986.  From Cedar Falls, IA and living in Marion, IA, he is retired from work at the City of Marion, IA.  Dave is a graduate of Cedar Falls High School and the University of Northern Iowa.