The Eastern Iowa Brass Band is an established, fun and friendly contesting band and is seeking an experienced and dedicated Principal Conductor.   Supported by an active committee, the ideal candidate will continue the development of the band and this wonderful tradition in Eastern Iowa.

Updated:              July 30, 2013

Position Title:       Principal Conductor

Organization:        Eastern Iowa Brass Band

Reports to:            EIBB Board of Directors

General Information:

The Eastern Iowa Brass Band (EIBB) is a non-profit organization that performs in and around Iowa, as well as competing in the North American Brass Band Association (NABBA) and US Open Brass Band Championships. Band members are volunteers, ranging from outstanding high school students, to college music majors, to working music educators, to a wide assortment of talented amateur musicians. Many EIBB players have contributed their talents for years and the organization successfully recruits talented area musicians. The Principal Conductor is paid a modest stipend.


General Job Summary:

The Principal Conductor shall be responsible for planning and conducting the rehearsals and programs of the band. The Principal Conductor shall work with Section Leaders to assign parts, assure effective rehearsals and high quality performances. The Principal Conductor will also work with Section Leaders to recruit new players both as permanent additions and temporary substitutes. The Principal Conductor will regularly report activities and issues at the regular monthly board meetings.


Essential Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Selects, with the assistance of Section Leaders and Board Chair, pieces to be performed at concerts
    • Is knowledgeable of literature
    • Chooses literature appropriate to venue, rehearsal time and ability of band
  • Prepares the band for all concerts scheduled during the year
    • Identifies rehearsal needs of the band
    • Effectively communicates rehearsal agenda to band and follows same
  • Conducts concerts.


Performance Expectations:

  • Conducts effectively with
    • Clear and precise time-beating gestures
    • Confident and definite leadership
    • Cues for difficult entrances
    • Awareness of performance techniques and limitations of instruments
    • Recognizes problems and suggests solutions
  • Communicates effectively by
    • Expressing ideas clearly
    • Demanding attention
    • Listening and responding to suggestions by the band
  • Assumes responsibility; deal effectively with problems, and exercise independent judgment when making decisions.
  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships with band members, the board, and the audience.
  • Expresses musical ideas clearly and effectively, both verbally and through gestures.
  • Manages the rehearsal setting in a manner that is consistent with EIBB objectives, guidelines, policies and practices.
  • Possesses strong human relations skills. Get along with diverse personalities.
  • Possesses the ability to analyze, discuss, and conduct a variety of musical styles.
  • Represents EIBB in the most positive manner.

General Physical Activities:

Position requires close visual work, sitting, walking, repetitive motion, talking and hearing.

Time Commitments:

Program Selection

The Principal Conductor has the creative opportunity to program material for various performances. EIBB has an extensive library of brass band arrangements, as well as a budgeted amount for additional music purchases. The EIBB Librarian, and long-term band members familiar with the literature are very willing to provide useful feedback about pieces in the library, as well as information about audience expectations.  The EIBB Librarian is responsible for music copying and distribution.


The Eastern Iowa Brass Band rehearses every Thursday night from 7:30 – 9:30 pm. Extra rehearsals may be needed before concerts or competitions. The Principal Conductor is responsible for effective rehearsals. Audio and video equipment may be used to record rehearsals.


The Eastern Iowa Brass Band has a subscription concert season of three concerts per year (fall, winter and spring) for our regular patrons. Additionally, the band plays for concert associations and town festivals in and around Iowa. EIBB has a strong history of competing in either the NABBA (in April) or US Open (in November) Competitions. Please refer to concert schedule in the table.

EIBB Board Meetings

The Principal Conductor reports at the monthly EIBB Board Meeting. The meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.



Applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in music or music education, as well as documented conducting experience. An advanced degree in conducting and/or brass studies; as well as successful teaching and conducting experience is preferred.



The Principal Conductor shall be paid an annual stipend of $3000. The stipend will be paid in three installments, for the successful completion of the Spring (January – May), Summer (June – August), and Fall (September – December) concert schedules.


For additional information, see our website at, “like” our Facebook page “The Eastern Iowa Brass Band” or contact the current EIBB board chair at


Application Process:

Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Please send a letter of application and a resume to the following address:

Eastern Iowa Brass Band

Principal Conductor Screening Committee

1195 Longview Court

Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314


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