EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Former EIBB director, Casey Thomas, has purchased the online sheet music company, “Solid Brass Music Company”.  Casey will begin full operation in mid-February.


Message from former owner, Dick Wuopio:

I’m pleased to announce that the new owner of Solid Brass Music Company is Casey Thomas, former director of the Eastern Iowa Brass Band.  I’ve talked extensively with Casey about the business, and I’m confident that he’ll carry on the customer-oriented operation that Solid Brass Music has been over the years. 

Casey probably won’t be in full operation until mid-February to mid-March, but feel free to contact him in the meantime. 

Casey’s mailing address is 222 Jule Peek Avenue, Cedartown, GA 30125.  His e-mail address is caseythomas78@yahoo.com

Thanks for all the good years we’ve had together!  I’ve enjoyed it all!





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