2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the U.S. Open Brass Band Championships.  The U.S. Open Brass Band Championships is a annual one-day competitive event for traditional brass bands from around the nation – and around the world!   Tickets – $25 available through the website at: http://www.usopenbrass.org


U.S. Open Performance Order:


  1. Capital City Brass Band
  2. Illinois Brass Band
  3. Brass Band of Central Florida
  4. Chicago Brass Band
  5. Prairie Brass Band
  6. Dublin Silver Band
  7. Fountain City Brass Band
  8. Eastern Iowa Brass Band

Promoting the Brass Band in North America
The goal of this competition is to encourage the further growth and development of the brass band movement in North America by providing a unique and exciting forum for the participating bands and by promoting the highest standards of performance and entertainment.

Entertainment Contest Format
Towards this end, the U.S. Open is an entertainment contest in format, which is unique among brass band contests in North America. No test piece will be required. Instead, each band will perform a 25-minute set of music of their choosing. Standard brass band instrumentation is required, with a limit of 30 performers plus Conductor for each competing band. Judging will be open, and the adjudicators will be among the finest and most experienced available.

Prizes awarded
Along with a cash prize and trophy, the winning band overall will be crowned U.S. Open Champions, while awards and prizes will also be offered in several other categories, including Most Entertaining, Best Performance of a March, Best Soloist and Best Performance of a New Composition or Arrangement.

Buskers Contest
One of the favorite features of the day among audiences and band members alike has become The Buskers Contest. This is a fresh look at the traditional solo and ensemble contest. The “Buskers” allows bands to showcase their individual or small ensemble talents while also keeping the entertainment flowing throughout the day. The loose format is designed to encourage bands to make the most of the opportunity and be creative. The contest will be held in between band performances while other bands are setting or striking their stage. A “Mystery” judge in the audience will decide the winner and the “trophy” for this event is a top hat and loose change!

Vendor and Sponsor Exhibits
The U.S. Open features vendor exhibits from the highest quality and most respected names in brass and percussion as well as a vast selection of printed and recorded music. Previous sponsors and vendors have included Besson/The Music Group, Bernel Music, Kanstul, Fred Rhodes/Courtois Brass Instruments, Getzen, Smith-Watkins, Warburton Mouthpieces, Drum Corps International, NABBA, Salvation Army Publications, Solid Brass, and Notable Images.

Awards Banquet The perfect ending to an exciting day. After the competition the bands retire to a cocktail reception followed by an awards ceremony and banquet.

The U.S. Open aims to draw the finest brass bands from North America and around the world. If your band is interested in participating in the U.S. Open Championships, please contact Clark Niermeyer at info@usopenbrass.org

Click here for complete map: http://eibb.us/2u

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